Desirable Rental Condo - Acquisition & Reno

4747 N Scottsdale Rd Scottsdale AZ 85251 United States


This highly desirable rental condominium ranks among the best deals we've ever made available. Don't miss your opportunity to invest in a cash generating property that will bring returns for years to come and is located in a quickly growing city.

Many new developments within 5 miles:
3 shopping centers, 1 outdoor park
Easy 5 minute commute to downtown

Target IRR 18% and Capital Return in 4 years


All managing members of the Condos, LLC have over 15 years of investment and finance experience. Joseph Peters has transacted over $2.2B in condo developments and rehabs for over 30 years. The firm has headquarters in Phoenix, AZ with satellite offices in NV, TX, CA, FL, and was founded in 1981.

Joseph Peters
Mr. Ed Cravo


  1. Offering Type: Equity
  2. Investor Yield: 12%
  3. Minimum Raise Amount: $3,000,000
  4. Minimum Investment Amount: $20,000
  5. Total Raise: $4,500,000
  6. Expected IRR: 12%


Name Amount
Someone $20,000
Someone $20,000
Andee Isaacs $20,000
Someone $500
Someone $30,000
Someone $20,100
Someone $20,000
Someone $5,000
Someone $50,000
Someone $40,000
Andee Isaacs $25,000
Someone $20,000
Someone $500,000
Someone $100,000
Someone $500,000
Someone $100,000
Brian Collins $50,000
Someone $2,960,000

Investor Questions

  • Brian Collins

    Hello, I understand this deal has an investment deadline that is coming up. Can I invest now but transfer funds 2 weeks after the deadline?

    • Joseph Peters

      Hello Brian. Absolutely. Please follow through with the steps to invest and we'll be in contact with you shortly. Best regards, Joe.

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